Bang of a Summer V- Fire One - Marriage Amendment

President Bush's speech today on proposing a marriage amendment banning same sex marriage is being protrayed as an attemp to bolster his poll numbers and reclaim his base. But the fact is that this has been on the table for quit a while.

In fact its just another stroke of genius, as this IS a hugh hot button issue that truly separates the RINOS/LIBS from the true Redstate Conservatives and one that has Democrats shaking in their flip-flops.

Now while for the most part the MSM would have you believe that this will a difficult measure to pass, the fact is that the majority of Americans are against same sex marriage. So while there will be a battle royal, I believe this measure will eventually pass. Just like the immigration bill, Bush is throwing up these type of legislative battles to get congress and the senate off their Meet the Press appearances and actually show which side they're on.

Don't misunderestimate the Crawford Kid.

By the way, did you notice that his Brett Kavanaugh as Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals? You know the one who was going to be fillibustered?


UPDATE: Speaking of polls, have you noticed that according the the RCP average the President's numbers have been moving up?

In addition you'll also notice that none of the major polls have released any new polls in the last few weeks?

Maybe afraid of the positive outcome?

Perhaps. It's just a thought.