The beginning of the end of Kos

"The Kos" has been getting a lot of MSM attention lately. Which doesn't bode well for the liberal MSM or the Democrats, but it's not going to bode well for Kos down the road as well.

Newsweak, reports....

"It seems as though the rock-thrower is growing up. Inside, a handyman is remodeling the Moulitsases' suburban living room, where soon the futon will be replaced by a daybed, and the big, boxy television by a sleek new flat-panel. If YearlyKos—where he was quizzed by the likes of Maureen Dowd and Tim Russert on what the Democrats ought to do to win—proved anything, it was that Moulitsas had forced his way into the upper echelons of party strategists. Moulitsas sees his new status as the start of a natural progression: "We said we wanted to crash the gates. We never said we weren't going to come in."

Well, getting flatscreens are easy when "the bucks" start rolling in. More on what is becoming known as Kos Gatehere. Instapundit weighs in here.

But aside from shackles and insanity of Kos - both may fit, the fact that if Kos is a movement, then it's the kind that takes place in the bowels before the final product is produced and we all know what that is.

The fact that is Kos does not represent the mainstream of the Democratic Party. In fact here in DNC land South Florida, that has more than it's share of moonbats, the Kos is an enigma to most everyone I've talked to. Just as was (and is) Howard Dean. If Democratic candidates weren't so worried about their loosing chances in the coming elections they wouldn't go twenty miles of the nutcase who once referred to slain American contractors in Iraq as "Screw them".

But more than that, don't forget that the Clinton's are still the "monarchy" of the Democratic Party. The Newsweek article, while starting off as a coronation, actually hints at looking further into Kos's "smoke filled rooms", and "money trails". The Kos shot his wad across the bow when he took on Hillary. She along with Bill still hold the purse strings and the loyalty of the Democratic base, and she and Bill are known for how they can destroy their political enemies.

So when the MSM turns on Kos look on it as Clinton's "Locking and Loading" on "center mass".