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Damn, tell us how you really feel Dr. Death!

MSNBC's Arthur Caplan, Ph.D." has a new commentary on Bush's veto of embryonic stem cells:

"President Bush’s embryonic stem cell policy began with lies and has now ended with one.

Bush reserved his first veto as president for one of the only valuable things this do-almost-nothing Congress has managed to actually get done.

With a flourish of a veto pen that has remained dormant no matter how dopey Congress has been, the Senate bill allowing public funding of embryonic stem cell research has been consigned to the legislative trash can.

An administration that has shown itself over and over again to have trouble telling the truth is now telling Americans in wheelchairs, those with damaged hearts, babies who are diabetic and those left immobile by Parkinsonism not to worry. The president, whose grasp of science left him unable to identify creationism as a fundamentally religious idea, and his trusty sidekick Karl Rove, rarely seen in a white lab coat but who knows something about rats, having been in Washington for some time now, claim to know best which medical research is most likely to benefit diseased Americans in the future.

When Bush uttered his first confused words on the subject of embryonic stem cell research five years ago in August 2001, he said that he was opposed to embryonic stem cell research since it involved the destruction of human life.

He noted that there were embryos, and many of them, already in existence in infertility clinics and left unwanted by those who created them. But he held it was wrong to use those in research. Instead, he told us, he had found a way out of the dilemma of how to do embryonic stem cell research without destroying any embryos.

What had Bush figured out that no one in the scientific community could see then and remains unable to see now?

There were, he said, 60 stem cell lines that had been made from embryos which held “great promise that could lead to breakthrough therapies and cures.” If he gave federal money to support research on those lines and funded research on adult stem cells, such as bone marrow, fetal blood cells taken from umbilical cords and other adult stem cells found in skin, muscle and the intestine, then all would be well. "

My, my, what an attitude - almost "Kos-like".

Fact is that Caplan has a chip and a very expensive on on this shoulder as he will see a reduction of funding of his "body-part harvesting experiments". See here for more on Mr. Caplan who is - in other words - is a devotee of Robert Kevorkian and supports assisted suicide and euthanasia of the elderly: Per The Myth of Mercy Killing, by Concerned Women of America:

"Renowned medical ethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan agrees, worrying that with an aging population and an overburdened health care system, physician-assisted suicide will become not the “option of last resort ... [but] the attractive solution of first resort.” In an interview with PBS’s “Frontline,” Dr. Caplan stated, “I worry ... that suddenly within the society, the notion will come that the older and disabled who are expensive should do the responsible thing and leave. I don’t want to be in that place, and I’m not persuaded that this culture or this society isn’t going to get us to that place.”

And what "place" is that Dr. Caplin? Harvesting embryos? Babies?

This guy has chupza though, claim Bush had some "Confused words in 2001" on the subject when in fact, Mr. Phd, you're the only one confused. Per Time Magazine, Aug 20th, 2001:

"For a while this year it seemed that George W. Bush buttonholed everybody he met to get his or her view on stem-cell research. Emissaries from Capitol Hill, delegations of scientists, pro-lifers, bioethicists, patients' advocates, the Pope--if they had a take, they had his ear. "Almost everyone in the White House, well, he asked your opinion at one point," says presidential counselor Karen Hughes. "He also questioned what led you to that decision. He wanted to know the rationale." Of all the advice Bush got, however, none was more important than the consultation he held on Aug. 2 with doctors"

I remember that, everybody got in and got their point across and opinion heard - everyone. The verdict - there is NO evidence that embryonic stem cells do squat - not one shred". For all the money spent, nada. The fact is that Caplan and others like him could give a flip about "helping people", except to die.

For more on the truth about Stem Cells check out this well documented site.

UPDATE: More monster madness.


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