Obama's Dereliction of Duty on Afghanistan

Perhaps since Bill Clinton have we've seen such indecision and outright dereliction of duty from a US President, but Barack Obama meets the criteria. Take this from the Politico:
"President Barack Obama met privately with McChrystal for 25 minutes aboard Air Force One in Europe on Friday. Asked on CBS's Face the Nation what happened during the session, Jones said, "the two had a good meeting and it was a good opportunity for them to get to know each other a little bit better." And, he said, "I'm sure they exchanged very direct views." In September, the Washington Post obtained and published a candid 66-page report by Gen. McChrystal assessing the deteriorating situation American forces face in Afghanistan. And in a speech in London last week, McChrystal argued that any effort to scale down the war in Afghanistan would be misguided. Vice President Joe Biden is one of the most visible proponents of scaling back the U.S. footprint in the country. "
Up to that point Obama had only met with McChrystal once - that's "one time" - since asking for his assessment in Afghanistan. Only when that fact became public did Obama have a meeting with McChrystal, and from what we have read it was nothing more than a photo op. In fact, Obama seemed far more focused on getting his hometown the Olympics than doing his job as Commander in Chief. Military leaders on both sides of the pond have expressed concerned about the dwindling situation in Afghanistan and through that Obama's inaction. And while he fails to act, our soldiers are dying.