A Short Lived Healthcare Reform

Nutroots are crowing about how Obamacare may yet pass after all, about 30 Senate Democrats that will stand up for a public option.

Fact is that those 30 Senators have always supported the PO.   What they're ignoring is that there has been no ground gained in getting further support, especially from conservative democrats.

Dean says that voting in the public option will hurt Dems in the 2010 midterms and that's one of the only times that Dean has got it right.  Latest polls show that the public is against such an option and with that they do not support government run healthcare and if Dems shove this plan down Americans throats they're going to pay dearly.

 Dems seem unconcerned, but I don't believe it.   They've got to know that if the GOP gains seats - something like 50 or so - in the next midterms and if the GOP wins the Presidency in 2012 there is the strong possibility that any bill with government run healthcare will be repealed or substantially reversed.