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Colburn on Striking Deal on 9/11 Workers Comp

It's done, We need more Colburns in the Party: "Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) has made a deal with Senate Democrats to allow the 9/11 first responders bill to go forward to the House today, assuming it passes the Senate as expected. In exchange for Coburn’s agreement to forgo the usual debate period, the bill’s price tag will decrease from $6.2 billion to $4.2 billion. “I’m standing for us as America, the realization that we have to do things efficiently and economically,” Coburn told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “We’ve worked out a deal now that spends a whole lot less money, accomplishes exactly the same thing, and does it in a way that protects our future. Every bill should have to go through that — and the fact that they don’t is a problem. That’s why we’re $14 trillion in debt.” “So I don’t mind taking the heat,” Coburn added, referring to the criticism about his opposition to the legislation. “You know, as a physician I care about those people. As a citizen, I care about the …

Temporary Issues at Macsmind

Once again we we hacked at via our wordpress application. So it's a good thing I have this back up site huh?

I'll be blogging from here until we get things back up at the other site, sorry for the inconvienance.