Acknowledging the Bush Doctrine - Is the Media "Getting It?"

It seems that now that the media has seemed to finally caught on to the mission of the Bush Doctrine of bringing peace to the Middle East through democracy, I ask, "what has been the problem with this all along?"

Prior to Operation Desert Storm, the Middle East was a only an occasional Nightly News item in many American’s minds. Most thought, “Yeah, the Israelis don’t get along with the Palestinians – so?”

Of course with September 11th, it became more personal. Actually it should have become that way after the first World Trade Center Attack, but many missed the meaning which was “America? Radical Islam wants you dead!". The war in Iraq was never really about WMD’s or about violations of sanctions but about a plan to finally bring peace to a region that hasn’t seen it in quite a while, well maybe never. Saddam's shenanigans merely gave us the opportunity, the door you might say, to initiate the plan.

Is this plan sinister? Deceptive? Some would say yes. Some call Bush a warmonger and a dangerous man who seeks world domination. I think it is more that he has seen that in order to have peace you must first take away the obstacles to peace. One such obstacle died yesterday, Yassar Arafat. He was a block to any peace, as well as a murdering terrorist who stood for all the things that are dangerous to free people everywhere. He exploited his people and kept them in harms way, spiritually bankrupt and destitute. Good riddance to that bastard.
We have had all the “accords” and “talks” and they have never worked. The simple fact is that you can’t talk to people who have made up their minds that we in the West are evil. The Bush Doctrine is a bold and courageous attempt and yet a difficult one, yet I feel a very necessary one.
Hitler would have never been defeated had it not been that we intervened. Yet we didn't intervene until after Pearl Harbor. September 11th was this generation's Pearl Harbor. Now we are in the midst of a great endeavor.

The reason that the Bush administration has had so much trouble in “selling” the Iraq war to America is simply because they haven’t connected the dots on the long-term reason behind it, Although Bush has alluded to it time and time again.

When he says, “We will root out the Terrorist wherever they may hide!”, he means it. Whether or not a particular group threatens us or not, he isn’t waiting around for that. The wisdom of George Bush and his advisers is that you don’t get rid of termites by stepping on them one at a time, but by putting a tent over the house and fumigating it.

The question will be one for each and every American to ask themselves because after Iraq there will be another nest to extinguish and yet another until all the pests are eradicated.