Friday, February 24, 2017


Trump Approval Rating at 52% Despite "Poll Juice" by MSM

Trump approval, 52%. As opposed to NBC news using unscientific Survey Monkey polling. For reference, FiveThiryEight gives SurveyMonkey a rating of C-. While SurveyMonkey doesn’t release margins of error with their polling because of the methodology, FiveThirtyEight gives them an average error of 11.2 points. This was determined by analyzing eleven of their polls to final results. - In other words they're crap.

Rasmussen Poll.


News Flash: Comparisons of Trump, Bush, Reagan and Nixon to Hitler are Historically Incorrect

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and textFor years the tiring line of the left when it comes to leaders from the right is to compare them to Hitler, whether it's Nixon, Reagan,Bush,and now Trump, the historically incorrect comparison is laughable.

But the facts of History don't hold that up. Actually Hitler was a socialist, and by his own definition. Modern day liberals, or more accurately "progressives" are simply hybrids of Hitler's platform, especially hate for the Jews, socialization of society, calling capitalism the "enemy", are in direct "lock step" with Hitler's dream.

In fact it's one of the progressive wing's platform in 1963, to cloak their agenda in order to pull it off. Much of what you see in America now, is simply because of how far they've gotten in their agenda over the last 40 years. So the next time you hear some liberal call you a Hitler, tell them to go read some actual history, and look in the mirror.

More of the myth busting here.
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