Sunday, June 08, 2008


Obama Wants to Protect America

As you might now, I have posted the Obama Wants to Disarm America Thread which has thankfully received nearly 250,000 page views. That’s good, and it’s getting the word out. However some lefties are complaining that the video is a hack job and it’s out of context. Therefore I present to you context.

Protecting American by Disarming Her. Right.

Perhaps American needs protecting…from him.

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Sole priority for defense spending will be protecting the American People by unilaterally disarming?



PS - I just can't seem to get around the fact that Obama's face looks so much like a punching bag ...

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Wake up America. If you can't see who this man really is and what he really stands for and his heritage...I feel sorry for the stupidity of the american people and those that vote / support him. Those thatdo will receive thier wake up call and the wrath will be sent down from God above. Wake up, Americans. Read the bible, read what this man supports and his heritage. You are all being fooled.

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Talk about freaking scary! This from a man who has never served his country in harms way..but wants to take arms and support away from those soldiers who protect his butt..doesn't sound presidential to me. Please support McCain...

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