C-BS Cooks the Polls (Again) for Biden/Palin Debate - Luntz Group (using real people you can see) puts the win squarely with Palin

As it should be, Palin won.

C-BS cooked up a similar poll of so-called uncommitted (people who usually don't vote anyway) after last week's democratic debate. The breakdown nearly 2-1 democrat respondent making the poll useless for anything except a headline. CNN's poll used a likewise breakdown. The quickness at which CNN posted their results - within ten minutes of the debate - proves they knew exactly how well Palin did.

The point is with Luntz's group is that it was decidedly with Palin - enormously so - and although a smaller sample it was balanced and diverse and actually had people you could see.

In essense the polls are meaningly and cooked, Palin won over America last night just as she did during the RNC. It's hugh and the polls will show it in the coming days.


DaddysDarlin said…
No the MSM wont ever say that Palin won the debate, even though she did.
I was proud of her, she held he own with a very experienced candidate.
She was down to earth, funny at times, and a pit-bull when needed.
I was proud that she took Biden to task over his false and misleading statements about McCain, over and over she did it.
The MSM can print all the polls they want to, the American people are the numbers that count, not the made up numbers the media throws at us.
DaddysDarlin said…
When you talk to the American voter and dont look at polls, you will see that Palin won this debate hands down.
She spoke for me, the corruption in government must be stopped and I believe that a McCain/Palin ticket would do just that.
She understands how much the American pepole have been taken advantage of at the hands of those corrupt government officals.
These are people we hired to do a job for us, instead they are doing what they can for themselves. That is what the American people are so damn mad about.
No more corruption, no more stealing Americans money, no more perks at the American peoples expense.
The Obama campaign has done all it can to cheat, steal, lie, to the American people, some are buying it, but most are not.
We will protect those citizens from Obama and his corrupt friends and neighbors, by voting for McCain.
I am a lifelong democrat, and I will cross party lines this year for the sake of my country.
God Bless America.
McCain/Palin 2008
Hillary Clinton 2012