What Palin has to do tonight - Semi Live Blog ***UPDATE: Sad Joe and the Nixon Shadow

Sarah Palin doesn't need to do anything tonight except be herself. Do not, I repeat, do not believe the MSM or the polls, they are missing the point on her - as they always do - big time. In spite of the MSM assasination attempts on her, Palin is still packing in crowds and it's growing - NOT shrinking.

You should no by now that polls are created to make news and it's in the question that the news is formed. Subsequently when polls are seemly showing Palin sliding in popularity nothing is further from the truth.

We see this every election. We saw it in 2000 and especially in 2004 when the media threw everything but the kitchen sink at George Bush. I remember hearing the same moaning and groaning that it was all over and that we'd all be calling John Kerry president on November 5th.

It didn't happen. It didn't happen because no matter what the polls said or the leftwing media elite threw out there America made up it's own mind and in the end George Bush won by a comfortable margin.

It's going to happen again in one month.

All Palin will have to do is show that she is the true agent of change and hope, not Barack Obama. It's funny for all the talk about how she doesn't know supreme court decisions, and seems lost in trick question interviews, people miss - or ignore - the fact that Barack Obama isn't the brightest bulb on the tree either. AFter all Palin doesn't have 300 foreign policy advisers or the army of coaches and image consultants that Obama has on the payroll.

She doesn't carry a teleprompter to ever speaking event like he does either, nor get lost when she can't find the script.

Like Obama:

In fact the best thing about Sarah Palin is that she's not a fraud like Barack Obama is, and that's all she has to get across to the American Public tonight.

UPDATE: Just dropped in, server problems again, but Palin is performing above expectations and Joe Biden looks....old and angry. This is a Nixon moment for him and may just turn this around for McCain yet. I'll comment as needed.

UPDATE: Palin wins the debate hands down. On Fox News Frank Lunz's focus group was off the chart for Palin, predicts hugh swing for McCain in the polls over the next couple of days. I agree.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin: Sarah Rocks! Yes she does indeed and it's why you will see the media assassination attempts continue, but it's not going to work. America will be turning to Sarah Palin, one of their own who is like them in ways a Barack Hussein Obama cannot begin to.


Zepharia Andres said…
When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. See the link below for more info.