Michael Who? Moore's Film is a Bomb

Michael Moore's file "Capitalism, A Love Affair" is a box office bomb. Since it's debut it's barely at the 4 million mark, a flop considering the ad blitz. Steve Mason:
"After a $57K per theatre average on 4 screens last weekend, the picture broke to a wider 962 locations with terrible results. The "documentary" only sold an estimated $1.3M in tickets to start the weekend, and it will finish at about $3.9M for a PTA of less than $4,000. That soft opening will almost certainly make Capitalism Moore's weakest-grossing movie since 2002's Bowling for Columbine ($21.5M domestic gross)."
Last week AP fact checked Moore's movie and finds it full of the same inaccuracies as his other films. Seems America has had enough.