Saturday, October 24, 2009


A Personal Message - Another Journey - Our Dual Cancer Battles

Hi friends and readers of Macsmind.   Last month my wife of 26 years was diagnosed with cancer during an emergency hospital stay.   Incredibly this month during a routine physical I too was discovered to have prostate cancer.

During the next five to six weeks my wife will undergo both chemo and radiation that will be followed by surgery.  Also during that time I will be undergoing radiation for 8 weeks followed by a 'seed implant".  I have an excellent prognosis of cure 85%.

This is just a note to let you know that at times I will be sporactic in posting, as well as appearing on the MacRanger Show, as well as my local schedule.   Additionally if you are a long time reader and would like to guest post on Macsmind let me know, I surely would appreciate the help and I'm sure the readers would too.

However through the strength of God and his grace we will get through - it's the only way to get through - and will share our experiences with others to help them over come.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

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You and your wife and family are in our prayers. We almost all have friends or family who have had this dreaded disease.

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not a problem with guest posting boss!

I have added y'all to the prayer lists.

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Mac, I promise you, my prayers will go out for you and the Mrs. And I know there are no words that can remove the fear that comes with a diagnosis of cancer.

But stay strong and keep a positive attitude.

22 years ago my son told me he was HIV/AIDs positive. I told him the same thing then I am telling you now. Today he complains about being overweight.

Think positive, keep us informed and let us know what you need to make this journey you are about to embark on easier.

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Dear Mac and Mrs. Ranger,

I have you in my heart and prayers. I may not be doing something right to be able to post a comment. Don't know, but if you get this: I'm thinking of you guys.


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