Reviewing Obama's Nobel Achievements

In light of his Nobel Peace Prize, let's recap the achievements of President Barack Hussein Obama since he took office.

1.  Unemployment rose from 5% to 10% in eight months.

2.  Federal Deficit increased from 480 Million to over 1.5 Trillion.

3.  Disarmed Eastern Europe through pulling back missile defense.

4.  Spent 1.4 Million taxpayer dollars on failed trip to Copenhagen to win Chicago Olympics bid.

5.  Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

6.  Praised Marxist Daniel Ortega.

7.  Apologized for America four times around the globe.

8.  Insulted Special Olympians.

9.  Hired an avowed communist for a job as Green Czar.

But that's just a short list of his achievements.  Feel free to comment on others in the comments.

However, Last week SNL actually had a more accurate view of Obama's achievements, or lack thereof.