Is this a case of Murder?

Is Michael an abuser who found a new way to get rid of his wife?

There is a growing number of posts – some without evidence, but many with compelling evidence that what we are witnessing is not a case of “right to die”, but of murder – delayed.

Everyday in the US and around the world thousands if not millions of women are battered and some killed by their husbands. An investigation in many states in the US would have been initiated on less evidence than what has been reported over the last few days.

Now this is just one more piece of an ugly and frightening puzzle into what well may be simply a case of homicide through courts.

Whether it is true or not, I think that the internet, the blogs especially were created for this purpose. If conservative bloggers put half the effort into this as they did into exposing “CBS Gate”, we might just find out once and for all.