The Media is Waking Up - The Verdict - Judicial Murder

Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder
Her crime was being disabled, voiceless, and at the disposal of our media

"For all the world to see, a 41-year-old woman, who has committed no crime, will die of dehydration and starvation in the longest public execution in American history."

The media - the Villiage Voice no less - is finally seeing that something really stinks about this story.

In other news....

The Rev. Jessie Jackson was at the hospice visiting with the family of Terri. According to Sean Hannity who is there, he witnessed Mr. Jackson making calls to the congression black caucus in Tallahassee. Sean thinks that there might be a chance for the legislator - that comes back in session tomorrow - to bring that the vote on Terri which lost last week a new chance.


In any case, if Terri dies, I say Judge Greer, Michael Shiavo and his New Age attorney George Felos get a Grand Jury investigation into possible murder charges.