Now What...?

It is now a matter of time before Terri Shaivo dies. When that happens, then what?

I have been around the web and have read just about every angle and opinion but not much about the "What Now?"

Well, here is a scoop. There will be a wrongful death lawsuit filed. Whether it is successful will not be the story however.

Much of what is really going on here hasn't been reported - it can't be, Judge Greer has refused to make them public.

After Terri dies though, that cat is coming out of the bag.

In a civil suit - just as in the O.J. trial EVERYTHING get's re-examined. All records, testimonies, etc.

Here is what can happen. Discovery in a civil suit casts a wide net. If there is a rat -i.e, something which is determined to be criminal in nature, charges can be then brought forward.

Already the blogs are full of these charges - some warranted, some not. In anycase it isn't over for Michael Shiavo or his attorney, who based on what I have reviewed, may face the bar over his actions or lack thereof.

Judge Greer is most likely out of a job. If the petition at with over 18,000 signatures doesn't get him, the voters will when he is up for re-election in 2006.

Nope, like I have been saying, it isn't over by a long shot.

One more thing. Contrary to popular opinion Florida Department of Children and Families does NOT need the judge to move in an intervention - this is very clear in Florida Law. Judge Greer is a circuit court judge (just one up from a justice of the peace), he really doesn't have any authority over a State Agency who is by Law required to move.

Florida DCF has been riffed with problems in recent years and I suspect they are a little gun-shy right now. Too bad, they don't have to be.