The wait

"Terri Schiavo's case is extraordinarily difficult, but presumption always should be for life." - President George H. Bush

That is exactly the point. The media has been involved in one of the greatest cover ups of the truth - ah, what else is new!

The truth is that Terri isn't in a "coma", she isn't on "life support", yet the media keeps harking that tune.

There is reasonable doubt that Terri wanted to be "let go" if something like this should happen to her. The husband, Michael eluded this on National TV during an interview by Larry King this last Friday, when he said, "we don't know what Terri wanted....this is what WE want."

What YOU want? Why Michael...why so quick?

What is a few more weeks to make sure the right move is being made? What's the hurry Michael? Why so bent on killing her now? What's the hurry Michael? You've waited 15 years, you can't be sure enough to wait 15 more days - to be sure Michael? Can you answer Michael?

While your at it, tell us again what happened to Terri. Did she just "fall down"? Why the hurry Michael - to kill her - again. Afraid that maybe she will wake one day and tell the truth? Is that it Michael?

Tell us Michael.