Steroids, "Smeroids"...

I'm getting fed up with all Baseball steriod issue. Even since they found that Andro in Mcguire's locker, the self-appointed protectors of the diamond have been jumping down on his case, calling his record into question and making fools of themselves - as many of them are. Don't even get me started on the Congressional Circus we saw this week. Two words, "Shut Up!"

First the facts. We don't know. We don't know if it was just the andro, or some other 'roid" that Mcguire took. We don't know how long, or even - get this - if it is important. Does everything an athelete takes to help himself = cheating? How about those "Air Nikes", or Cherioos or Wheaties?

Secondingly, there isn't a shred of evidence that proves they "make you hit better", or "run faster" or "jump higher"....get that? Not a shred. Especially nothing that shows you can hit 70 homeruns it you take the stuff.

That takes a thing called talent. Roids were around in Babe's day, did he take them? How do we know. After all he tried everything else? I know that if that it would come to light that the Babe was juiced (well he was most of the time), but on roids, the story would end quickly. Take that for what it is worth. We know for a fact that Babe was a drunk, an adulter, among other nasties. Yet the boy could swing eh?

First writers are bemoaning the game and it's lack of luster, then when it gets a little luster they are bitching about how "it just couldn't be" unless they had a little "help". Again, "Shut the HELL up!"

"Play Ball!"