What Terry's death means to the Republican Party

Terry is being given morphine now, to 'hasten' her death. When Terri dies a backlash is going to begin that is going to send a message to the GOP - namely, "You weren't there for us, we will never be there again for you."

How is that Congress can issue a subpoena and a circuit court judge just tells them to "take a hike"? It would seem that our leaders are worst than those who murdered Terri, - they are cowards.

Why didn't they force the subpoena? Cowards. Why didn't Jeb move, cowards. Afraid of public opinion, afraid of "backlash". No patriots here, only cowards. Her blood is on their hands.

"He who is not with us, is against us".

We won't forget, in 2006 or beyond.