Garry Trudeau - Macsmind Stupid Liberal # 15

Garry Trudeau
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Art Linkletter used to do this show, “Kids Say the Darnest Things”.

I would like to do a show. How about, “Liberals say and do the most stupidest things imaginable.

Now really, I’m not being mean. I don’t personally hate liberal people. But you have to admit you just about have to be drunk when one of them is speaking. It’s the only way you could possibly fall for all the stupid things they do and say. Since I don’t drink I am always finding myself saying when I’m caught listening to a Senator Joe Biden or (god forbid), Hillary Clinton – “What in the hell??? “Do they really believe that crap?”

So my question is, why are liberals so, well, ….stupid. I don’t mean “cute” kind of stupid, but blatantly stupid. For instance take cartoonist (or something like that), Gary Tradeau who writes the Doonsbury comic was interviewed back in March in Editor and Publisher. The interview is here. But this statement he made is typical of the kind crap liberals throw out all the time and hope it sticks.

"I'm not sure it's commonly understood to what lengths this (Bush) administration is willing to go to bypass the 'filter,' as Bush calls the media," the cartoonist replied in an e-mail interview. "The president made it official Wednesday -- his Justice Department, fresh from signing off on torture, apparently thinks propaganda's OK too."

Here again is stupidity at its finest. “Torture”? Mr. Trudeau you haven’t a clue what torture is. If you think Abu Grab was torture, then you are definitely the stupidest man on the face of the earth.

But it is precisely this kind of drivel which gets spewed all the time from liberals. Statements so stupid they are indefensible - although a liberal will try.