Friday, May 27, 2005



Mother of Slain Soldier Denied Gold Star Membership

This week's IDIOTS ON PARADE award goes to American Gold Star Mothers Inc. For their absolute idiotic response to the rejected application for membership of Ligaya Lagman, who lost her son, Army SSG Anthony Lagman in Afghanistan last year. Seems her application was rejected becauses although she has lived in the US legally for 20 years and pays taxes, she isn't a US citizen. So what was American Gold Star Mothers response from their President?

"There's nothing we can do because that's what our organization says: You have to be an American citizen," national President Ann Herd said Thursday. "We can't go changing the rules every time the wind blows."

....Tempted to say, "Why don't you just blow....." Oh never mind....

However, seems that this 'organization' receives Fed money, and now with media and a few congress types involve, wanna bet they change the rules?

In any case, they are our winners for the week....Congrats!

P.S. Hire a PR firm -

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