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Able Danger - Great Summer Story - 10

Bill Arkin must be a glutton for punishment – Heh, that Army Training!

By the way, if being a former member of “Green Peace”, or some other organization that people find issue with is a disqualifier, then I guess I’m disqualified for “inhaling” during training at Fort Huachuca in the 70s.

Chill folks!

When you get down to it EVERYONE has an agenda, it doesn’t change truth when and IF it is the truth. As I said before, I prefer to "Eat the hay, and spit out the sticks" when it comes to evaluating someone's take on something. I suggest others do the same.

Today Arkin continues his “expose’ on Able Danger – and specifically where things went wrong.

Disabling Able Danger

Nothing new here, yet a few points he made, agree with mine. He brings a few new names to the table. But here is the gist:

1. Whatever Able Danger was in many people’s minds, at this point, I am going to say that it was in fact a rogue operation. Simply put a few “loose” cannons, albeit for honorable purposes, took the original 'idea' beyond it’s original purpose. It isn’t any real secret or “shocker” at this point that they crossed “boundries” they shouldn’t have crossed (real or imagined). At one point (finding that Chinese take out?), they crossed over, and the door was slammed.

2. Every day I beginning to picture Ltc. Shaffer as a member of the same “tin-foil hat society” that I’ve put Weldon in. Sorry folks, but this guy is swinging in the wind in my humble opinion. But then his interview – specifically the last part – was the “Freudian Slip” of this affair, as it was to my estimation the first clear statement of what this story was all about anyway, at least to Weldon and Shaffer.

(Show us the money).

Again, “Witnesses and Experts”, contradictions, misrecollections, etc. The fact is that at this point what is missing is cold hard EVIDENCE.

Witness recollections/statements, etc, are not the kind of “evidence” that will prove this Summer Story true or false. Someone get General Schoomaker on the line (seems he's just as elusive and hardheaded as he was back in Korea with the ole 1/72)

..Come on Pete, tell us one way or the other!

Without that 'hard evidence' at this point you have a whole lot of conflict and questions and quite frankly after us bloggers got involved the whole story may well be FUBAR at this point.

Yeah, hearings might clear things up, then again, they might muddy the waters even more that the "truth" might never see the light of day. But then again, as I asked, "Do we really want to know?"

In any case it was a Great Summer Story though, while it lasted.

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