Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Able Danger - It was a Great Summer Story

As they say in Chess.....Check Mate!

Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist

"WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 - The Pentagon said today that it had blocked a group of military officers and intelligence analysts from testifying at an open Congressional hearing about a highly classified military intelligence program that, the officers have said, identified a ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks as a potential terrorist more than a year before the attacks.

The announcement came a day before the officers and intelligence analysts had been scheduled to testify about the program, known as Able Danger, at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bryan Whitman, a Defense Department spokesman, said in a statement that open testimony about the program "would not be appropriate - we have expressed our security concerns and believe it is simply not possible to discuss Able Danger in any great detail in an open public forum." He offered no other detail on the Pentagon's reasoning in blocking the testimony."

I got a call today on this as well as an email telling me the Pentagon was pulling the plug and sealing the hole.

Trust me, it's going away, and the pressure to do so is coming from the TOP of the food chain - the very top.

Summer's over, the story is done.

UPDATE: If you haven't read this post, do so. It's important to understanding what is happening here. There still will be a hearing, but on CSPAN Wednesday at 9am. .... (CSPAN....cripes!).

AJ Strata wlll be keeping tabs on "what's left" of the hearing here.

Tom Mcguire has more links. Capt Quarters as well.

UPDATE: Cpt's Quarters, referring to the "stop order" comming from SOD Rumsfeld. Actually it's a little higher - straight out of the "Cobweb".

I'm watching the hearings now. Spector is "hurrying things" along, asking terse questions "are you finished yet?" "what do you mean?", this is not a good sign. Looks like he's reading from a script of questions.

Me thinks Spector got a "midnight call". My source tells me, they'll finish the hearings, create a report - then kill it - that's the standing order.

Like I said, It was a nice summer story.

UPDATE II: Fox on Spector:

"I think the Department of Defense owes the American people an explanation about what went on here," Specter said. "The American people are entitled to some answers."

Color me unimpressed it's all for show, to make Weldon happy.

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