Able Danger Great Summer Story - 3

On this previous post I again brought up this Army Field Manual excerpt:

""US Code, Executive Orders, DOD Directives, and Army Regulations contain specific guidance regarding prohibition on the collection of intelligence information on US citizens, US corporations, and resident aliens. These laws and regulations include criminal penalties for their violation. Any PIO directed against US citizens should undergo competent legal review prior to their initiation." FM 2, US Army, May 2004.

Mohammed Atta was a legal resident alien (at least when he entered the US in 2000) - hold that thought.

Per Weldon this whole mess really began back with the LIWA in 1999. Review this excerpt from Weldon's June 27th 2005 speech:

"After securing a military plane, my Russian friends told me they were bringing a Serb along with them, a Serb who would be able to understand what we were talking about and help us decide and determine whether or not Milosevic back in Belgrade would accept any recommendations that we would develop. I did not know anything about the Serb. I knew the Russians. But I figure I had better ask the CIA what they knew about this Serb so I could be better prepared, and to make sure that the Serb was not a part of the Milosevic regime, because that would cause myself and my colleagues to be in violation of the Hobbs Act because we were at war with Serbia at that time.

So I called George Tenet. I said, Director Tenet, can you give me some information about this Serb? His family is evidently well known. I need to know whether or not he is a part of the Milosevic regime. I need to know any other information you can provide to me because we are going to meet with him when we travel to Vienna to meet with the Russian leaders to help provide a beginning of a solution to end the war in Kosovo.

He called me back the next day and he gave me a couple of sentences and said not to worry, he was not a part of the Milosevic regime. And he had strong ties to the Communist Party inside of Moscow and had ties to other leaders in the Russian Government. It was not much to go on.

But at the time, Mr. Speaker, I was chairman of the Defense Research Subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee. My job was to oversee the funding, approximately $40 billion of defense research money on new systems and new technologies. And one of the most striking technologies was the work being done by the Army's Information Dominance Center at Fort Belvoir, formerly known as the LIWA, the Land Information Warfare Assessment Center. I had visited the LIWA several times and was tremendously impressed with not just the ability to provide security for our Army classified systems, but I saw a unique approach to doing well beyond that, data mining, data collaboration, using cutting-edge software tools like Starlight and Spires, able to do profiling. Having plussed-up funding for this facility after talking to George Tenet, I called my friends at the Army's Information Dominance Center and said, can you do something for me as a favor, off the record? And they said sure, Congressman, whatever you like. Would you run me a profile of this Serb, for the same reason I had asked the Director of the CIA. They said, no problem, Congressman; we will get back to you in a few hours. And they did. They gave me 10 pages of information, Mr. Speaker, about the Serb and his ties."

From here Weldon "woos the crowd" at Vienna, so much so that the CIA and FBI visit him to see where he gained so much "wisdom". From there, in the speech he launches into the formulation of NOAH (his pet project).

However, from reading the entirity of his speech you can't help but notice Weldon's feeling "scorned" by the CIA over NOAH:

"We don't need it". Point: Could all this just be Weldon "getting back"?......hmmm.

In anycase at this point no one, even I, doubts the existence of Able Danger, or even of what they were trying to do - although I disagree with some that this was primarily a "terrorist hunting" tool.

I believe it was part of an overall program to gather data on US Citizens (Big Brother). Again a concept not earth shattering in itself (I mean who didn't know that?), but for the Government to actually acknowledge such a program - specifically, well, that will never happen.

So like Brit Hume says, "What's this all about?"

Possibly (AJ Strata latched on this sometime ago), in the midst of data collection (experiments; fooling around, playing with the toy, etc.), a few of the team members (or Shoemaker specifically) began to take the technology to the 'next level' - they fingered certain AQ members, including Atta.

However, as I mentioned in the previous post, they perhaps didn't seek the appropriate legal counsel prior to 'spying' on citizens/legal aliens.

Of course if Schoomaker was running a "rogue" program under Shelton's nose (which explains Shelton's "Able Who?" response), then "why get all those people involved?"

That of course threw a wrench in the mix when the possibility of public disclosure of the project became apparent.

The drill: Everything get's quickly shut down, tapes, documents get erased/destroyed, and everybody goes home and forgets about it. It didn't happen.

This scenario would also explain Schoomaker's deadening almost ridiculous silence.

So why "Cobweb's" involvement?

That's unknown, although I could speculate that only the VP would wield power over both the Pentagon and FBI witnesses.

By the way, I have that "Cobweb" influence on very good source, so I trust it. AJ Strata comments today:

"when the Able Danger documents and data were destroyed in March, 2000, it was done without the knowledge of the customer of the data (General Lambert) who was not informed of the destruction until after the fact and was furious.

I want Lambert to testify as well. This is not new to those of us tracking the story - but it does point to someone high up in the civil chain or the adminintration. Who else is able to destroy a general’s prized resource without his permission, and still be standing after the fact? That decision was not made by just anyone.I want Lambert to testify as well. This is not new to those of us tracking the story - but it does point to someone high up in the civil chain or the adminintration. Who else is able to destroy a general’s prized resource without his permission, and still be standing after the fact? That decision was not made by just anyone."

That's a fact.

Yet as in show business the hearings will go on, they have to. There's too much attention to them now. But they'll go on for years.

The old Washington ploy - long drawn out hearings until another "heat cycle" in the MSM when everything else is buzzing then the hearings will close and the findings will be found on page 15b or somewhere.

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