Able Danger - Great Summer Story -4

In light of the fact, that "Cobweb" pulled a plug on progress, the Able Danger saga continues on the web.

TopDog08 links to this letter issued by the 911 Commission on 20 September 2005. After perusing it I am even more convinced that whatever 'actvitiy' we see reference to hearings, it's all going to be one big "dog and pony" show from now on.

Why? Despite what Able Danger was, and what they did, the story is about "The Chart", and Weldon's big kahuna is that damn chart with Atta's mug shot on it. Unless he can pull it out of his rear end and soon this is a dead issue. The letter acknowledges "other charts", but not THE chart.

Referencing Weldon giving the chart to Hadley, the Commission states:

"Representitive Weldon apparently didn't not keep a copy of the chart. He never informed the the FBI's PENTTBOM investigation of this chart, a vitally important piece of information. He never informed the Congressional Joint Inquiry of this chart. He never informed the 911 Commission of this chart, even as he had several conversations with 9/11 Commissioners and his officer was in contact with Commission staff."

They also mention that Weldon showing a copy of a chart (and this point who knows), with no Atta or mention of him during his presentation at the Heritage Foundation in 2002.

Additionally according to the Commission, DNSA Hadley mentions nothing of the chart during his interviews with them - which would be a glaring ommission and quite frankly I can't see Hadley doing that.

At this point I would say he's been his own worst enemy in all of this.

While TopDog and and other critics of the 9/11 Commission will claim it's content is character assasination, yet looking at it objectively the letter it does raise some good questions.

For instance, this stinger:

"If all such documents were destroyed, why did Congressman Weldon write he had such a chart in his possession, and provided it to the DNSA immediately after 9/11?"

That's a damn good question.

Additionally: "If all such documents were destroyed why do hundreds of pre-9/11 link analysis charts with the name of terrorists still exist - none of which contain the name Atta?"

The fact of Washington is that it's hard to "kick against the goads", if not impossible. If you're going to "fight the gods" you'd had better have all your ducks in a row. Otherwise it's "Roger-out".

The letter also states that they spoke to General Shelton, General Schoomaker, Admiral Fry, General Newbold, not one remembers or mentions THE chart. Again, a statement - clear and concise - from General Schoomaker's office would be nice. Except that I know who's holding the "cap" on them. Forgetaboutit!

The Chart, the chart, the chart. It's been about THE Chart all along and no one seems to know anything about it EXCEPT Weldon and those under his direct association.

TopDog also references this additional staff letter which I'm going over now, but I don't expect (from just a glance) to find anything significant or what we don't know already.

Looks like "Lights Out" on Able Danger.

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