Able Danger - Great Summer Story - 9

Perusing the internet today I came across an old friend. Bill Arkin, from the Washington Post. Although we worked together many moons ago, and he might not remember me, I remember him as a pretty squared away guy.

Well, anyway, I shouldn't be surprised that he pops up and in on the Able Danger story.

AJ over at Strata-Sphere as well as others have done pretty much what I expected - except that AJ post didn't do the proverbial three foot hover.

There's not much more to add though to what Bill said, as I have gotten some of the same information as he early on (same sources?), hence my skeptism. Still I sorta winced when I saw that he actually put it out in print today.

"Their going to get 'ya Bill".....I said to myself. From the comments on his page I see I was right.

I'm not going to go over what he said. Quite frankly, I'm a little burned out of Able Danger.

However, I think should call to people's attention that most who have commented on this mess have done so exclusively using the witnesses of Weldon, Shaffer and the others, with almost to a blogger counting they're word as the "Gospel" on the matter.

I would caution - all may not be what it seems.

Now before you flame let me tell you that just because a guy (or girl) has a nice crease in their pants, that doesn't mean they're being up front telling you the straight poop. As far as I'm concerned Shaffer has done more flipping than an irate driver on I-95.

Again, as to be cautious is next to godliness as far as I'm concerned, I'm standing as close to God on this as I can.

Yet I do think Bill has tripped the proverbial sacred cow with some of those who are "sold" to one perspective, and perked the interest of a few not decided either way. But let me tell you most assuredly, he's further on track that most of that which has been written, at least as far as I know.

Some have slammed him for the "anonymous" witnesses he cites. Well, let me tell you what I learned in Law Enforcement, the more anonymous the more solid the witness. Just because someone comes public doesn't mean squat, and I handled more than a few witnesses in my experience.

Yeah, Weldon, Shaffer, and the rest could be on the up and national heros.

They may also be cads of the worst sort. Until the whole story is known (which is not likely), we're simply going to have to make up our own minds - but keep them open at the same time.

I am.

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UPDATE: Per AJ, AP: Senate Panel Postpones 9/11 Hearing

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Citing next week's Rosh Hashanah observances, the Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed its scheduled hearing on what a highly classified military intelligence unit code-named ``Able Danger'' knew about the 9/11 hijackers."

Heh, yeah, that's it alright, Rosh Hashanah.....heh...

UPDATE: Tracked with Cpt Ed (who has a less than flattering account of Bill's work in the past - 'sa la vie', and agenda's aside (as if they haven't played a part in weeding this thing out!), Bill is hitting most of the nails on the head (Pentagon 'reversals and double backflips' aside).

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