Able Danger Hearings Tommorow

Per AJ Strata, the Washington Times in an anoymous OPED (OPED?), announces the witness list for the hearings beginning in Spectors House.

The list:

- Naval Capt. Scott Philpott, an Able Danger team leader, according to the Pentagon, who approached the September 11 commission with what he knew about Atta in 2004.

- Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, the Defense Intelligence Agency employee who acted as liaison with Able Danger team members. Col. Shaffer was the first to come forward with allegations that Pentagon lawyers rebuffed his attempts to coordinate a meeting between Able Danger analysts and the FBI.

- An FBI agent, who, according to Mr. Weldon, will testify under oath that she organized the meetings between the FBI and Able Danger analysts to discuss Atta.

- A Pentagon employee, who will testify that he was ordered to destroy 2.5 terabytes of information Able Danger had compiled, which is roughly equivalent to one-fourth of all the printed material in the Library of Congress. According to Mr. Weldon, this person, as yet unidentified, will also name the officer who gave the order.

Here's my short list, that will cut the chase: Call Gen. Schoomaker to the stand. While you're at it, get Shelton's butt up there too. Nothing like going to the top of the "food chain" in my book!

AJ also give us this link (warning high bullcrap alert); called MacCow Morning News (snort!).

As AJ says, can't verify their claims, although I am trying to checkout the cab driver in the story (claims he's an ex navy seal)....with a Budweiser hat....(snort!).

Anyway, it's well done and interesting. Heck at this point - who knows! One point however, if the MadCow is right, George Bush is a Anti-America-Saudi-Puppet-Putz.

Again, beware!

So grab your Kool Aid, get a pretzel, and pull up a chair, it hould be interesting!

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