Able Danger - It was a nice Summer Strory - 8

Per TopDog08:

"After hearing last night that Curt Weldon would be on 540AM in Orlando at 8AM this morning, I signed up for their free registration so I could listen online. For once, I didn't sleep through my alarm clock, and it was worth it for the five minutes that Weldon was actually on, starting at about 8:47AM.

First, Weldon said Hadley's staff had told his staff "this morning" that the Washington Post misquoted him. That the reporter "got it wrong" and that what the Post printed was not what he meant to say. It's not entirely clear from Weldon which part Hadley now says the reporter got wrong, but I hope Hadley will clarify that point. Weldon also referred to some evidence he was considering bringing forward to "prove" his own version of the account. Very interesting.

Second, Weldon said the DIA had stepped up significantly its actions against members of the Able Danger team since the hearing last week. Weldon attributed this to bureaucrats in DIA who had worked in both the Bush and Clinton administration and were covering their ass. Could be, but I'm still thinking their orders came from higher up.

That was the only new information I heard in the brief segment, but if you heard anything else or think I got it wrong, leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know what I missed."

Sorry, I'm not buying anything Weldon says until I heard that retraction from Hadley himself, or from his staff.

If Hadley would have felt so "misquoted" he would have had his spokesman issue statement to that affect to the media, not just told Weldon.

I'm really starting to see Weldon's Tin Foil!

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