Able Danger - Now That's Crap!

AP: Able Danger' Officer's Clearance Revoked

"WASHINGTON - An officer who has claimed that a classified military unit identified four Sept. 11 hijackers before the 2001 attacks is facing Pentagon accusations of breaking numerous rules, allegations his lawyer suggests are aimed at undermining his credibility.

The alleged infractions by Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, 42, include obtaining a service medal under false pretenses, improperly flashing military identification while drunk and stealing pens, according to military paperwork shown by his attorney to The Associated Press.

Shaffer was one of the first to publicly link Sept. 11 leader Mohamed Atta to the unit code-named Able Danger. Shaffer was one of five witnesses the Pentagon ordered not to appear Sept. 21 before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss the unit's findings."

Ok, I said was gone until something happened. Well it happened.

It's crap.

All along I didn't - and still don't know - how to measure up Ltc. Shaffer, or his testimony on Able Danger. I still think it's a little loose.

But this is crap. I spit my coffee over me computer screen when I read this story.

These 'charges' are absolutely laughable:

"Shaffer says he received a Bronze Star medal for work on a classified operation in Afghanistan in 2003. According to papers provided by Zaid, the military is now questioning whether he deserved it, including challenging whether at least one person who backed Shaffer's nomination for the medal had firsthand knowledge of his actions.

And that's whose problem? He didn't write himself up for it! Man, you might as well revoke half the medals that have been awarded in combat since day one.

"Shaffer says he showed his government credentials during two incidents in 1990, when he was drunk, and 1996, when he was pulled over by police. The military says he misused his credentials, but Shaffer says he was not told he should not have used them. He also said he has joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has been sober for 13 years."'ve got to be kidding me. Back when I was an MP Officers were TOLD to show ID so that you would know who you were dealing with. It's freaking SOP!

"As for the pens and other office supplies taken, he blamed that on "youthful indiscretions" more than 20 years ago."

"Stealing pens"??? Are you kidding me? Still got a few myself - Hell I'll bet Pete Schoomaker has a few on the nightstand at home. You know those Army Skill Craft pens are to kill for! But seriously, this is just plain ludicrious.

"According to the paperwork, the alleged infractions against Shaffer also include:

• Falsely claiming $341.80 in mileage and tolls fees. He said he filed travel expenses based on what he was told by human resources staff."

Well Hells Bells, you might as well throw every DOD employee under the train for fudging those per-diem reports.

• "Obtaining $67.79 in personal cell phone charges. He said the amount was a legitimate expense accrued so he could forward calls."


"Going over his chain of command to do briefings. Shaffer said he was providing briefings to higher-ups on projects even his direct superiors did not know about, and he received superior review ratings for that time."

"Showing irresponsibility with $2,012 in credit card debt. He said he paid off the debt."

Damn, I guess we start yanking the clearances in Congress!

Again, are you KIDDING ME? This is a "f-king ruse". I'm getting to the bottom on this - pronto.

Yeah I'm back, and they pissed on the wrong Rock.

More at Cpt Ed.

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