"Bush is Doomed"...blah, blah .....Keep it up and we'll keep winning!

During Katrina, which everything was going to hell in a handbasket, Mayor Nagin calling for 10,000 or more dead, looters raping pillaging and plundering (and that was just the cops!), the MSM was running a poll every five minutes.

Bush down to 41 percent.....40 percent.....39 percent....tick....tick...tick....

You know, the thing that polsters know that they never let on to the public is that "polls are flakey". Truth is with a poll you can get whatever result you want based on the 'design' of questions you ask, particular demographics etc. I'm not saying polls are always bogus, but most times you can take them apart once you look at the "internals".

Which is why I could care less about them, especially those commissioned from the MSM, because I know from inside sources that media polls are always designed to "make news" and "shape public opinion" rather that be a derivative of it.

But today new polls taken after Rita show marked improvement in the President's numbers:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush's job approval has risen after slumping to new lows on criticism of his handling of deadly Hurricane Katrina, two polls showed on Thursday.

Bush's approval rating climbed to 45 percent in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken September 26-28, up from 40 percent in a similar poll taken a week ago.

A Fox News poll also showed Bush with a 45 percent approval rating. That survey, taken on September 27-28, showed a rise in Bush's standing compared to a mid-month poll that gave him a 41 percent approval rating.

A high-profile response by Bush to Hurricane Rita, the latest storm to hit the Gulf Coast region, appeared to give him a lift.

Seventy-one percent of those polled by CNN/USA Today/Gallup gave Bush high marks for his handling of Rita, which hit Texas and Louisiana last Saturday."

Of course "for comparison" Reuters throws in this tidbit:

"Rita, however, caused little loss of life compared to Katrina, which killed more than 1,000 people and displaced 1 million.

Only 40 percent approved of the president's handling of Katrina, which devastated Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on August 29.

Bush traveled to command centers in Colorado, Texas and Louisiana last weekend to monitor Rita's winds and heavy rains and held a series of meeting with military brass and disaster coordinators.

Although he cut short his monthlong Texas vacation to return to Washington after Katrina, Bush did not arrive back at the White House until two days after the storm made its landfall on the Gulf Coast.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency received scathing criticism for its role in coordinating the initial Katrina response.

Bush has since replaced the agency's director, Michael Brown, whom he initially praised, and has said he takes responsibility for any problems in the federal response."

Notice the second half of the story has nothing to do with the first, especially in the light of what we know about what really happened with the dynamic-doofis team of Blanco/Nagin.

Yet the fact of the matter is that all through last year's election cycle Bush was delcared dead more than times than Apple Computer was throughout the 90's and he still beat Kerry by 4 1/2 million votes.

And actually it's this "staying power" that pisses the left off so much.

Like Kerry, they are asking, "How can this idiot be wooping us!" Which is exactly what he has done everytime the left thought they had him down, Bush has come back strong.

The fact is that everytime the left thinks they've "wounded" the President, he comes back just like the Hulk, who you will remember, the more that was thrown at him, the stronger he got.

The reason for this is that the public isn't as stupid as the left would have you believe. By and large they aren't buying the Delay story, as they know it is bogus and politically motivated, and the left knows it. The MSM knows it and that's why it's not getting much airplay. The MSM knows the story doesn't hold up to scrutiny, and already Mr. Earle has been shown to be a showboat partisan hack, and may even see charges himself if we are able to get those phone records.

On top of that, Bush holds all the cards and the Ace High, as next week while the left is "shocked" to find out the Plame Game fizzels out (word received -jb - thanks), and President Bush makes a the announcement of his second SCOTUS pick - which will be a far right pick.

Sure, Democrats will rage, but it won't stop the nomination. Fillibuster this. The inside move to get Senator Frist (Nice try Reid), is falling apart, so if Democrats rage, hello Nuke Option. Case closed, nominee in.

So while the left is fiddling around with their DailyKos pocket planners, and looking for Bat Boy on World Daily News, the Supreme Court WILL be moving to the Strong Right for the next 20 or 30 years.

Which brings me to this point:

Do you think that the left doesn't know that their 40 years of dominance in our schools, the courts, politics, and the media is nearly completely gone? In fact, the only bastion they have left is the courts and that's gone in the next few months.

Of course they know! That's why their turning up the heat. Democrats and their co-horts in the MSM are looking in every nook and cranny for the next 'scandal' real or mostly imagined, to get Bush any way they can. They are pulling out all the stops - but the truth is that it's simply not going to work. But it's fun to see them try, as well as profitable.

So to borrow Lurch's words, "Bring it on Liberals!" The more you scream and holler, the better off we are!

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