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Jospeh Biden: For Success in Iraq, Change Course

Fresh off his stellar (Will you shut up already!) performance at the Judge John Roberts confirmation hearing yesterday, the Senator from Delaware gives his "Iraq" plan sans 2004...and positions himself for 2008!

Read it for yourself, but here is the gist, again, shades of Kerry/Edwards 2004, blah, blah...

"For this (Biden's suggestion) policy to work, the administration must do what it has failed to do thus far: involve the major international powers and Iraq's neighbors in a stabilization strategy. The administration should create a contact group with countries such as France, Japan, Britain and Russia, along with organizations such as the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. As constitutional negotiations resumed, the Iraqis would see a united international front and be more likely to make difficult compromises."


Again with the involving the "Global Community" crappola.

Listen, the ONLY thing France, Germany and Russia want out of Iraq is restore those kickbacks they were getting from the Oil for Food program. Chirac hasn't been a well man since the "noose" of the UN Scandal has gotten tighter and "closer" to his neck.

"Merde Sainte!"

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg over at the NRO's Corner on Biden - excellent!

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