CNN - "Show Us the Bodies!"

CNN filed suit for right to cover search for bodies of Katrina victims

CNN - The Most Goulish Name in News!

UPDATE: Scrappleface:

CNN Petitions to Dig Up Hastily-Buried Flood Victims
by Scott Ott

(2005-09-10) -- The Cable News Network (CNN), fresh from a legal triumph allowing it to televise the recovery of dead flood victims, today asked a federal judge to allow it to dig up and videotape any bodies buried in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"While we were petitioning the court to cover the recovery of corpses, some victims were hastily buried," said an unnamed CNN spokesman. "Our viewers have a right to see the decaying flesh of each and every citizen who perished from lack of federal government assistance. That's why the First Amendment exists."

The network source said news anchors will issue the following warning before each 'CNN Cadaver Closeup' segment:

"Caution: the following report includes disgustingly graphic depictions of rotting human flesh. If you can possibly look away from your TV set, do so now...especially if you have any relatives in the South that you haven't heard from since Hurricane Katrina hit."

CNN and other MSM had breathlessly set us up for tens of thousands of deaths - bodies floating in the street, etc. Turns out they got caught hyping again. It's going to be real nice when they broadcast from outside the house of someone who perished and have the recovery teams bring out the body on CNN just so their relatives in Texas can see BEFORE they are notified.

I smell - litigation - big time!

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