David Gregory - Getting Stupid

Caught this on Rush Limbaugh today, you can view his take here.

But NBC's David Gregory is proving why he's not only "Stuck on Stupid", but he is the reason the phrase is true.

Bush is going to Texas, you know, "Be there", after being criticized for NOT being there for Katrina.

"GREGORY: What can you do going down to the hurricane cone? Might you get in the way, Mr. President?

BUSH: One thing I won't do is get in the way.

GREGORY: I mean, how -- What could you actually do? Isn't there a risk of you and your entourage getting in the way?

BUSH: No. There will be no risk of me getting in the way, I promise you. We're going to get in the way of operations. What I am going to do is observe the relationship between the state and local government, particularly out in Colorado Springs. That's what I want to see. See, NorthCom is the main entity that interfaces that, uses federal assets, federal troops to interface with federal and state government. I want to watch that relationship. It's an important relationship and I need to understand how it works better.

GREGORY: This critics might say this overcompensation for the response to FEMA.

BUSH: We will make sure that my entourage is not getting in the way of people doing their job, which will be search-and-rescue immediately -- and rest assured, I understand that we must not and will not interfere with the important work that will be going forward. "

Oooh, David, look!, I think your hair's out of place.

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