Either Fire Brown, or Shut the Hell Up, But We've got work to do.

Report: FEMA chief’s bio overstates experience

"WASHINGTON - Top U.S. disaster official Michael Brown, under fire over the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, cited prior emergency-management experience in an official biography but his duties were “more like an intern,” Time magazine reported."

On and on and on it goes, from Malkin to Trancredo . Shouting from the rooftops, "Fire Brown, Fire Brown!"

Whatever. Hell if I were Brown I tell 'em it shove it, it ain't worth the money.

Moreover, I am freaking amazed that in the middle of the devastation of New Orleans, which even if Brown was clueless, it still didn't mean FEMA had anything to do with the screw ups in the beginning- not even close.

What all these "hurricane reponse experts" ought to do is spend some real time on the ground before, during and after a hurricane before you open their 'pie-holes' - you might learn something!

So, I say, Fine! Fire him. In fact, let's disband FEMA right now, pull them all out. Let them just get in their vehicles and drive away while people are still filling out their forms.


What in the hell is that going to accomplish NOW?


Sorry folks, this "witch hunt" is pathetic. There is going to be plenty of time for "firing" and "burning at the stake" later on, but NOW isn't the time to go through this, there is too much work to do. Far, far too much to do.

UPDATE: Happy?

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