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The Incompetance of Mayor Nagin

The Conservative Voice: Mayor Nagin is Wrong, Ten-Thousand Deaths from Hurricane Katrina is Unreasonable - By Joseph Gutheinz, Jr., J.D.

"New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said on NBC's Today Show that 10,000 deaths from Hurricane Katrina "wouldn't be unreasonable".

Obviously, the Mayor feels for his citizens who died, but his choice of words is ironic to say the least, because had the city used it school busses to help evacuate the city, 10,000 people need not have died.

The Mayor has been quick to attack the Federal Government for not doing enough, but I say look in the mirror Mayor this was your city and I don't see you pointing the finger at yourself. The Mayor on CNN told the Federal Government to "get off your asses". Mayor, I have seen your backside and it appears you have a pretty big ass yourself, so rather than sitting on it and complaining, get to work. In this world there are two types of people, those that complain about doing a job and those that do it, and clearly the good Mayor is in the first category.

On July 24, 2005, the Times Picayune wrote that Federal Emergency Officials were warning New Orleans that in the event of an emergency the city was on it's own. So why didn't the Mayor use those school busses to help evacuate his city? Was it that his own public servants ran out on him? Is it true, for example, that 200 hundred New Orleans police officers abandoned their jobs and simply ran away?"

Where is the mainstream media on this point.

You know? It is absolutely phenomenal that with all the evidence showing that a critical blunder by Mayor Ray Nagin, leading to the death of thousands, that they would completely ignore this story of his criminal incompetance.

Why is it? Is it because Nagin is a black democratic mayor of a predonminately black city? Race shouldn't have anything to do with it, but the evidence of the MSM completely ignoring this story is evidence alone that they are afraid of what they perceive is potential backlash from certain "civil rights" leaders if they DARE make that accusation.

They do not seem to have a problem of using the "race angle" on the Bush administration.

I'm not afraid. Whether Nagin is black or white, Republican or Democrat, he is responsible for the deaths of throusands. He's an incompetant idiot and when all is said and done he should be brought to accountability for it.

Other's may let him slide, but I'm not going to let him get away with it. He along with this groupshould all be brought to bear their individual and collective responsibility in this disaster.

I'm going to stay on it to make sure the story doesn't go away.

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