Judge Roberts Confirmation Hearings - Day 3

Blogs for Bush keeping the tabs and the fingers tapping on the keys during Day 3 of Judge Roberts Confirmation hearings.

Check it out.

Heh, just a taste; Senator Colburn (R) comments:

"COBURN: As you have been before our committee i have tried to use my medical skills of observation of body language to ascertain your uncomfortableness and ill-at-ease with questions and responses. .... And the other thing that I believe is integrity is at the basis of what we want in judges. And I will tell you that I'm very pleased both in my observational capabilities as a physician to know that your answers have been honest and forthright, as I watch the rest of your body respond to the stress that you are under. But I'm also pleased with our president that he has had the wisdom to pick somebody of such stature and such integrity. Without integrity, what you say here means nothing. And that's the very foundation at which I believe you've based your life."

Whooboy...going to be a looong day!

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