Lurch Just Doesn't Know When to Shut Up!

Senator John Kerry's Speech at Brown University

Senator "Lurch" Kerry gave a speech today and rambled on and on about how HE would have done things better - just like his buddy, JFK! He must be feeling froggy since daddy Bill got to foam at the mouth over the weekend.

But also, just as in the election, he just doesn't know when to shut up.

"This is about the broader pattern of incompetence and negligence that Katrina exposed, and beyond that, a truly systemic effort to distort and disable the people's government, and devote it to the interests of the privileged and the powerful. It is about the betrayal of trust and abuse of power. And in all the often horrible and sometimes ennobling sights and sounds we've all witnessed over the last two weeks, there's another sound just under the surface: the steady clucking of Administration chickens coming home to roost.

We wouldn't be hearing that sound if the people in Washington running our government had cared to listen in the past.

They didn't listen to the Army Corps of Engineers when they insisted the levees be reinforced.

They didn't listen to the countless experts who warned this exact disaster scenario would happen.

They didn't listen to years of urgent pleading by Louisianans about the consequences of wetlands erosion in the region, which exposed New Orleans and surrounding parishes to ever-greater wind damage and flooding in a hurricane.

They didn't listen when a disaster simulation just last year showed that hundreds of thousands of people would be trapped and have no way to evacuate New Orleans."

Boy! Ole Lurch just doesn't know when to shut up!

As detailed here, and here and especially here, show us where the true corruption was - in Louisiana with the Democratic Party and the usual business they have conducted in that State nearly a century.

Yeah the experts warned, the Feds sent the money in, the crooks in Louisiana misappropriated the funds! In fact, when Katrina hit, the feds were about to get out the cuffs.


Oh and that last one, you know, about 'evacuations"? I can't pass it up. If "thousands of people" had to be evacuated then why not use ....oh, maybe...


UPDATE: Apparantly a a little fundraising at the expense of Katrina victims.

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