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Bob Shrum - Thank Katrina for Roberts' Ascension

"Pat (Buchanan) says that with the Roberts nomination, George W. Bush is moving "to put his personal stamp on the Supreme Court." The truth is that, in acting so fast, before Chief Justice Rehnquist was even buried, the President was trying to remove his personal stamp from the slow and shameful response to Hurricane Katrina. He will be permanently identified with the inattentiveness, the incompetence, and the indifference -- the manmade disaster -- of a government that made the natural disaster of an historic storm far worse. So when Bush got his first chance to distract the nation's attention last weekend, he took it. Maybe the press and the public would re-focus, at least a little, on his elevation of Roberts rather than his choice of the fired head of the Arabian Horse Association -- "Brownie," as Bush calls him - to run the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

-Bob Shrum, Democratic Hack on Hardball

"Help me! I can't believe the words that are coming out of my mouth!"

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