Macsmind - Flash - Help was at the Superdome, the State wouldn't let them in.

I was listening to Britt Hume's show on Fox just now (6:25pm EST) and he was interviewing Fox News reporter Major Garrett. During the interview Mr. Garrett revealed that during the height of the chaos at the Superdome, the Red Cross was ready to go in, but were denied access by Louisiana Department of Homeland Security.

The Red Cross was ready with Food and water and medical help waiting yet held up by the State because, quote, "They didn't want people coming back to the Dome, but wanted them to leave (sic)"

But this is huge.

By the way, FEMA does not have statuatory authority over the Red Cross, or the State Department of Homeland Security. So if this is true, it's going throw the "Blame FEMA" argument right out the window.

When I get the transcript I'll post it here.

UPDATE: All Headline News is now reporting the story as well. Still waiting for Fox to Post the story and/or transcript.

UPDATE 2: Confirmed on Hugh Hewitt's radio show.

UPDATE 3: More at Captains Quarters.

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