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Since the MSM seems to be a little lost gathering facts around why so many were left to die in New Orleans, Macsmind.blogspot is hear to help.

Mayor Ray Nagin - the darling of New Orleans, the man who dared to question the response of the U.S. Government. The man who forgot to say, "Get on the Bus!", is getting a pass from primary blame for the fiasco in his city. But no longer:

I'm going to turn the mike over to Rush Limbaugh, who put the entire story into brilliant light as usual on his radio show yesterday:

"City of New Orleans; Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan; Part two, Evacuation. This thing is huge. It's typical of something a bureaucracy would produce. No wonder nobody read it. Nobody probably can. You probably need a library to house the whole thing, but I've got here just annex one, hurricanes, part two, evacuation. Roman numeral I, General: "The safe evacuation of threatened populations when endangered by a major catastrophic event is one of the principle reasons for developing a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan."

That's capitalized, CEMP. "The thorough identification of at-risk populations, transportation, and sheltering resources, evacuation routes and potential bottlenecks and choke points and the establishment of the management team that will coordinate not only the evacuation but which will monitor and direct the sheltering and return of affected populations are the primary tasks of evacuation planning. Due to the geography of New Orleans and the varying scales of potential disasters and their resulting emergency evacuations, different plans are in place for small scale evacs and for citywide evacuations of whole populations.

"Authority to issue evacuation of elements of the population is vested in the mayor. By executive order, the chief elected official, the mayor of the city of New Orleans, has the authority to order the evacuation of residents threatened by an approaching hurricane. Evacuation procedures for special-needs persons with either physical or mental handicaps, including registration of disabled persons is covered in the standard operating procedure for evacuation of special needs persons, which is a different annex of this report.

Major population relocations resulting from an approaching hurricane or similar anticipated disaster caused the City of New Orleans Office of Emergency Preparedness to develop a specific hurricane emergency evac standard operating procedures, which are appended to the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. The standard operating procedure is developed to provide for an orderly and coordinated evacuation intended to minimize the hazardous effects of flooding, wind, and rain on the residents and visitors in New Orleans. Standard operating procedure provides for the evacuation of the public from danger areas and the designations of shelters for evacuees." Paragraph Roman numeral II is Concept of Operations, and it is quite detailed in what it says.

Here's a paragraph I highlighted: "The city of New Orleans will utilize all available resources to quickly and safely evacuate threatened areas. Those evacuated will be directed to temporary sheltering and feeding facilities as needed. When specific routes of progress are required, evacuees will be directed to those routes. Special arrangements will be made to evacuate persons unable to transport themselves or who require specific life-saving assistance. Additional personnel will be recruited to assist in evacuation procedures as needed." None of this was done."

Forget Democrat or Republican, how in the hell does anyone in the MSM NOT report this? How is it that Mayor Nagin is getting a virtual pass, but FEMA who is NOT a first responder gets hammered and blamed for the whole show?

Simple - Politics. The MSM is now attacking the last fronteir of Bush's legacy, his strength on national security. Already, "options and alternatives" are being put on the table.

For example, take a read of Howard Fineman's article over at Newsweek. Sadly, and I apologize for the terrible pun, but it's valid. The truth is that the liberal mainstream media smells blood in the water (literally); sad but true. They are going for the kill.

They are not above using even this major disaster if it "get's Bush", even if they have to ignore an inept and criminally incompetant black Mayor to do so.

It would be a grand plan and might even work except for one thing.

The New Media. Whether we bloggers are little or big, large traffic getters or small, the word - the TRUTH is getting out. People are going to know the truth, because for the most part the media will not.

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