The Mainstream Media - Rewriting Those Embarrassing Facts

WAPO: Harold Meyerson: The 'Stuff Happens' Presidency

"We're not number one. We're not even close.

By which measures, precisely, do we lead the world? Caring for our countrymen? You jest. A first-class physical infrastructure? Tell that to New Orleans. Throwing so much money at the rich that we've got nothing left over to promote the general welfare? Now you're talking.

The problem goes beyond the fact that we can't count on our government to be there for us in catastrophes. It's that a can't-do spirit, a shouldn't-do spirit, guides the men who run the nation. Consider the congressional testimony of Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush's 2000 campaign manager, who assumed the top position at FEMA in 2001. He characterized the organization as "an oversized entitlement program," and counseled states and cities to rely instead on "faith-based organizations . . . like the Salvation Army and the Mennonite Disaster Service."

(Sigh)....We'll leave alone the fact of how a "wefare state" exemplified in New Orleans contributed to the deaths of thousands, for another time.

For now, the MSM drumbeat continues.

The constant...."We suck"....or rather, "Bush Sucks"......from commentary to commentary....

Of course (if they spoke the truth), the Media couldn't say "Nagin sucks" or "Blanco sucks" if their lives depended on it.

The continual flogging of the Federal Government (or just Bush) in the aftermath of a NATURAL disaster is incredible. The Washington Post OP-Ed's leading the way. By all means read here, here as well. Or even MSNBC Keith Obermann's "Winson Churchill moment", the MSM re-routing of the truth of what happened with Hurricane Katrina is almost mind-boggling.

In Katrina the aftermath was a result of a "beforemath", which was an incredible display of piss-poor planning and outright incompetance of the City's Mayor and a "Soap Opra" Governor, both who as Democrats proved once again, that if we leave our disaster planning folks like them - we're dead.

The fact, the irrefutable fact is that the Federal Government (Run by Republicans), had to go and bail the City and State Government (Run by Democrats) out of their incompentency.

That's the STORY. No WONDER the Liberal MSM is hammering (or trying to) the story the OTHER way around.

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