Maureen Dowd the "Doctor Smith of Journalism"

Maureen Dowd - United States of Shame

Do you remember that 60’s show “Lost in Space”?

Well, if you’re old like me you remember it well.

The show as based on a family of astronauts who because of being throw off course were “Lost in Space” and trying to get home.

Even though the family was in trouble they stuck together.

Yet along for the ride was a Dr. Zachary Smith, the nemesis of the trip.

If you remember the show you know that Dr. Smith was constantly compaining about this and that. Dr. Smith was especially annoying when things got the worse - "We're doomed I tell you - doomed!"

Cry-baby liberals like Maureen Dowd who tell us that America is so bad are like Dr. Smith. They never contribute anything constructive. They give no hope, inspire no heroism. They only rant and rave, piss and moan and make a general nuisance of themselves.

Maureen tells us:

"Stuff happens.

And when you combine limited government with incompetent government, lethal stuff happens.

America is once more plunged into a snake pit of anarchy, death, looting, raping, marauding thugs, suffering innocents, a shattered infrastructure, a gutted police force, insufficient troop levels and criminally negligent government planning. But this time it's happening in America.

W. drove his budget-cutting Chevy to the levee, and it wasn't dry. Bye, bye, American lives. "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees," he told Diane Sawyer."

The "Levee Argument" has become the new mantra of the left. "How could Bush say that 'who knew they would breach? That's ridiculous!"

Well, Maureen, you're "golden boy" Bill Clinton blasted Suzane Malveaux on CNN about this argument, and if you checked your facts you'd know that NOBODY saw this coming:

"MALVEAUX: But do you think this administration responded quickly enough?

G.H.W. BUSH: Of course I do.

CLINTON: Let me answer this. The people in the Superdome are in a special position. And let me say, I've been going to New Orleans for over 50 years. There's no place on earth I love more. They went into the Superdome, not because of the flooding, but because we thought the hurricane was going to hit New Orleans smack dab and they'd be safe in there if they didn't leave town.

What happened was, when the levee broke and the town flooded, what did it do? It knocked out the electricity and it knocked out the sewage. They're living in hellacious conditions. They would be better off under a tree than being stuck there. You can't even breathe in that place now.

So I understand why they're so anxiety-ridden. But they have to understand, by the time it became obvious that they were in the fix they were in, there were a lot of other problems, too. There were people -- they were worried about people drowning that had to be taken off roofs."

But look at all the other things they had to deal with. I'm telling you, nobody thought this was going to happen like this. But what happened here is they escaped -- New Orleans escaped Katrina. But it brought all the water up the Mississippi River and all in the Pontchartrain, and then when it started running and that levee broke, they had problems they never could have foreseen."

"Oh woe is us, we're doomed!"

Quite frankly we need less of the douds of the world, and more of the characters of Lost in Space such as Maj. Don West - the "anti-smith". He was the constant hero of the mission, no matter how hard things got, he got them through it.

All while Doctor Smith bitched and moaned, "We're Doomed!"

Thankfully for every Doctor Smith spewing fear, there are some Major Wests out there as well.

Witness Washington Post Columnist Colbert I. Kingwho exhorts us that rather than criticism:

"I'd rather focus on the groups that are rallying to help the victims. I'm pleased to be part of a city that is opening up its D.C. Armory to serve as a temporary shelter for hundreds of victims. Our mayor is sending buses to pick up people being evacuated along the Gulf Coast. Doors are opening in the nation's capital even as homes are being closed forever down South. Mayor Anthony Williams said yesterday that he hoped other jurisdictions will follow suit. "If every city on the East Coast shelters 400 people, we can ease the suffering of tens of thousands of people," he said. Collectively, even with a late and faltering federal response, the nation can do a lot. The president of the United States, however, hardly warrants a footnote.

And outrage? It has its place. For that there are targets galore stretching from the New Orleans region to Washington. There will be plenty of time for fault-finding -- a task that we in Washington do oh so well. But not now. This is a time for action."

Do you see the difference between the two?

Better yet here is a question. If you were stuck in the Superdome in the days after Katrina struck and had a choice of who you were stuck with either a Maureen Dowd or Mr. King, who would you chose?

I know who I would choose, and who would get the "boot".