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Newsweek: Iskokoff and Hosenball

When Michael Jackson was found "not guity" earlier in the Summer, I said to my wife, "Well if I decide to kill someone, lets first move to california, I'm sure to get off!"

If I wanted to be an inept, incompetent democrat THIS is the country to do it in because the MSM is so up the DNC's wazoo they could give us a report on Dean's Colon, that I could get away with almost anything.

This tripe by Newsweek is just another article in a series of articles and wall to wall TV coverage, and commentary, etc, about how the Federal Government ALONE screwed up the Katrina Response.

Leaving alone all the overhyping of this story by the MSM (25,000 body bags; New Orleans uninhabitable for years; etc), the story of the story is the MSM insistence, reluctance, ineptness whatever you want to call it, to report the REAL reason people suffered in New Orleans was:

Democrats screwed up. Because they suck at National Security.

You see, that truth cannot get out no matter what. Which is why Nagin get's "honey suckled" by Little Russ on MTP.

- so it's 24/7 "Bush sucks"....along with the daily polling of mainly democrats to gage "how they feel" about Bush, giving predictable results.

(That is all except for the Gallup Poll today which was the exact opposite of what everyone has been hearing....and for that reason alone, it isn't covered).

I don't know how many times the "buses" have to be shown. Or the fact that Richardson is lying his ass off - I've talked to some of those guard members and they have a different version I'm sorting through now.

But the point is that yes, there were problems at the Federal level, although I will reinterate as someone with experience in disaster planning, the goofs began at the local and state level and contributed heavily to the losses experienced.

Did I mention the buses? Or the fact that the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security would not let the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in to help those evacuees in the Dome.

Or that Blanco admitted she "should have called the guard out sooner", and on and on.

No doubt this drumbeat will continue, although many people know the real truth about what happened and who is primarily at fault.

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