Never Forget to Remember

On the 4th Anniversary of September 11th, I have only to say:


Four years ago I was, like a lot of people, just sitting down to my desk at work. As it’s part of my job I checked the headlines on on the internet, and saw initial reports that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

My first thought like a lot of people was ‘probably’ a small aircraft.

It was about 8:55am, As we know, it wasn't a small aircraft

That day lives in my memory like so many others in my life, like the assassination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King (on my birthday), Robert F. Kennedy and the Challenger disaster.

Yet September 11th, 2001, was more “personal” than the others, it was more close to the heart.

As the day unfolded I, - especially having been a career soldier, remember the swelling of immediate rage. I wanted to join back up – if only I could with what was left of my back – and get those bastards – whoever they were.

As the days, weeks unfolded I was never more proud to be an American as I drove to work everyday and noticed the flags on cars – the patriotism so thick, so sweet in the air.

Then as the weeks turned into months things changed. The flags came down. The psychologists told the TV networks, “Stop showing the pictures,…it will adversely affect people.” As time when on...

People forgot – to remember.

We should never forget the horror, the pictures, the pain, the suffering, the shock, the suprise, the anger and the resolve never to let it happen again.

For all the maligning of President Bush, it was he who stood on a heap of rubble four years ago and told the world that this act would not go unpunished. It didn't.

Yet many would have us "give up" our vigilance and have us "forget to remember". Damn them. Not I, not for a minute.

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