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No Racism - Except in the Main Stream Media

WP: Bush's Approval Rating at New Low

A long time ago, Sonny and Cher sang:

"The beat goes on, the beat goes on....Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain...."

So it goes with the MSM beating the dead horse of supposed "racism" in Katrina to death - literally. Gee, I guess in their mind God is a racist, or if you will "Mother Nature" for sending the storm in the first place.

The headline of this story about Bush's "poll numbers" - which quite frankly after exposing the slanted polls here, I'll just bet this one is 'slanted a bit to the left' as well - belies the true intent of the article which is to reinforce the MSM mantra that Republicans are racsist.

Polls at this point are meaningless, because the only reason the MSM is doing them is to gage the effectiveness of their negative coverage, which so far hasn't meant squat to joe public. Like I said here, we're smarter than that.

One has to wonder that outside of the opportunist and charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the "Race Angle" isn't getting the play the media wants it to get, which is why they keep hamming away at it.

From the "Did you know?" Do you have any idea of what percentage of those "poor evacuees" were white? How about 30 percent. Not a majority, but I guess they don't count.

"The bungled response in New Orleans has helped drag down Bush's job-approval rating, which now stands at 42 percent -- the lowest of his presidency -- in the Post-ABC poll and down three points since the hurricane hit two weeks ago. Fifty-seven percent disapprove of Bush's performance, a double-digit increase since January.

The federal government's initially slow hurricane response has scuffed Bush's image as a strong, decisive leader. "

"Buggled", heh, only in the writer of this article dreams. Fact is if the WAPO was doing it's job and reporting the news instead of CREATING the news, you would know:

1. The Federal Government's reponse was outstanding - That's right, outstanding! in fact, the fastest response in recent history. Not only that, FEMA was IN the Dome on August 30th at 3am - did you know that?

Of course not - the MSM would dare tell you that, it's not a part of the "talking points".

2. The fact is that the people of New Orleans and indeed the State of Louisianna were betrayed by an incompetent Mayor, Governor, and a more corrupt political systems that syphoned millions of dollars earmarked for disaster preparation and levee enhancement. The real scandle? Those responsible for the debacle are all democrats, self described protectors of the poor.

Truth is that even with all their coverage the story is getting away from their control. In just one weekend, Nagin, Blanco, and Landrieu (The Three Blama-teers), got slautered and exposed on National TV for the incompetent idiots they are.

Unless one is spining in denial, the credibility of these three is shot. Their culpability clear.

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