Now What? How about, Shut Up and Get to Work

G.O.P. Split Over Big Plans for Storm Spending

After Bush's speech last night there is a lot 'chatter' from the right about how Bush "sold the farm", and "There he goes again, throwing money around again!"

They heard this:

' A chicken in every pot! If you don't have a pot, hell, we'll buy you one!"

But if so, they just weren't listening. Actually, though now it really not the time to debate this within the GOP. Actually, if I can be blunt, it's time to shut up and think for a minute.

I'm a fiscal conservative too. Yet, before I jumped on the meme, I stopped and thought about it, and you know what? This could be a very good thing for our Party, a very good thing indeed!

First, like it or not we are going to have to spend some money so there is no sense bitching about how we are going to have pay to rebuild New Orleans - that's a gimmie - it's Statutory, it has to be done.

The point is HOW we do it.

Well for one let's pull back the Highway Bill and some of the other recent legislation we've passed, and re-do them. Trim the "pork" and you'll be amazed how much money will be available to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

That aside, let me tell you that I sense that liberals are absolutely freaking out right now. I mean they about to commit Hari-Kari in mass!

Everything they attemped over the last three weeks - re-writing history; non-stop negative coverage through the MSM, have really had no effect! None.

Forget the polls, their crap!

But mainly Democrats are freaking out because they are out power and on the sidelines. They can bitch all they want about what Bush is doing/not doing, but they have no power to carry out their "side" of the story. They have no say.

Like or not, for the next three years and for sure until after 2006, this is Bush's Baby, make it or break it. That is driving them up the wall!

But what an opportunity this is! We not only get to talk about what "Compassionate Conservatism" is, we are going to get to show it as well. Moreover, we are going to get the opportunity absolutely and powerfully effect the politics in that region of the US for years and years to come.

When you look at the ABC News video from last night, I don't think that group we saw praising Bush's speech was an isolated incident or example. As I said here, people aren't stupid. No matter what distortion the MSM has tried to present - no matter how many bogus polls they take - the American people and especially those in New Orleans know that they were shafted NOT by the Federal Government, but by their own local and state leadership.

Now the GOP has both the power and the opportunity to forge and create a majority rule for the next 20 years or more. IF they do it right.

No, throwing money everywhere isn't the answer. Money programs won't solve the poverty issue - it never has. Yet onstructive and instructive programs with a GOAL to make people more educated, more skilled and more important more SELF-SUFFICIENT is what is needed, and the Republican Party is center stage.

Like it or not (for the atheists in California and beyond), the people of the America are about to see what true Christian Charity is.

If we do this right, we're going to teach people of all race and creeds, the Conservative way of life in a real, constructive and visible way.

Hold on to your hat, and you can expect that the left, the MSM are not going to take this lying down. But again, they don't have the power - WE do - We won it.

So shut up, and let's get to work!

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