Ok, so why didn't the Mayor use the buses?

MSNBC: Katrina forecasters were remarkably accurate

"MIAMI - For all the criticism of the Bush administration’s confused response to Hurricane Katrina, at least two federal agencies got it right: the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center.

They forecast the path of the storm and the potential for devastation with remarkable accuracy.

The performance by the two agencies calls into question claims by President Bush and others in his administration that Katrina was a catastrophe that no one envisioned."

While I'm writing this, I am baby.. - or rather puppy sitting my seven-month old puppy. One thing you'll notice about a puppy is that at times they are the most stubborn animals on the face of the earth. I mean once they grab onto something they just chew on it and gnaw on it, and chew on it like - forever!

Yep, their stubborn all right....... just like our present MSM.

For instance, if you were to believe their take on Katrina, there was no Mayor or Governor or even Senators in Louisiana because as they will tell you, and keep telling you, "It's Bush fault!" It's as if Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were "minors" with no inherant responsibility or accountability.

...."You know, they're just ...well, ..you know.....they were confused. It was a big storm!...come on, leave 'em alone!"

However, in this article the writer sort of slips. He slips because you can't throw the leavy breach/overflow on anything the Bush administration did. The simple fact is that it is well known by now that Louisiana recieved more than enough money to fix/shore up their levees. They didn't do it, instead spending the money they were given for "other purposes", some of which were less than ethical.

But again, those evacuations were not the responsibility of the Federal Government - FEMA doesn't primarily evacuate, they don't call that shot. Local and Federal Governments do. No matter how much the MSM tries to hide that fact, the people of New Orleans, or at least the ones ABC News interviewed know who was responsible. They know who was primarily accountable for getting them out of the city.

For all the "confusion" this article attributes to the Federal Government, it pales in comparison to the marked incompetence of the Nagin/Blanco duo that led to the "Cluster-Cluck" at the local level which was the greatest contributing factor in New Orleans.

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