Vast Mainstream Media Conspiracy?

All thoughout the 2004 election cycle the MSM unleashed a torrent of negative press towards the Bush Administration. Of course, it didn't work as Bush handly won reelection by more that 4 million votes.

However, with Katrina we have seen over the last two weeks a ressurgence of the same kind of coverage we haven't seen since last year, most of it "manufactured" and "hyped' beyond belief.

Yet because of the advent of bloggers, stories are being checked almost as soon as they hit the airwaves.

Michelle Malkin brought to light this story by CNN showing an obvious bias, and now the Drudge Report is reporting that CNN producers told on-air guest to "get angry".

Whether it is these obviously blantent example of media bias, or even reporting bogus polling data, the MSM is quicly showing that if you want the truth, they are not the place to go.

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