What happened to the trains?

This past week we have seen images of busses (charter, school and in between), trucks, SUV's, choppers, planes, hydrofoils, boats, ships BUT...where are the trains? A freight train of 100+ cars leaving Chicago with supplies would arrive 24 hours later or less in New Orleans and dwarf the capacity an airlift could provide. An Amtrak train to Houston would in the same fashion serve as a much more efficient people mover than a convoy of busses or at least once upon a time it could. The trains can be nationalized by personal order of the President - no need to wait for requests by mere governors or mayors. Trains don't burn gasoline. Trains let people sleep. Trains... well, you get the idea. I'm just wondering where they were or do the powers that be, local, state or federal even realize that trains still exist?

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